Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The sun expands every day anyway

As a year of travel planned creeps up on me, I've talked to a lot of people on where I'm going, what I'm doing, and why. The general topic of travel either evokes excitement or fear from people, and honestly I feel both. Those emotions are so separate and insignificant, though, when I think about what I'm actually doing, and how important it is for me (and everyone!) to travel. No matter how nervous or scared I am, I must think about why I am afraid, and it is simply this: I will see places, people, and cultures I have never experience before. Realizing this, I must remind myself to stay open minded and embrace the experiences, good or bad. It is so sad to me that that simple fear of the unknown will keep people where they are their entire lives. Some people will dream and research and swoon over exotic new places, much like I have over the past two years. But realizing how easy it is to travel and make it happen by banishing the fear and putting your mind to it is something that can only be achieved by first letting go of your doubts and inhibitions about traveling and new places. Of course, it is intimidating. But it HAS to be done. Don't make excuses! Travel! Be free and roam. Don't be afraid to get lost. Eventually, if you lose yourself in the world, you'll be forced to learn exactly where you stand not only geographically, but in worldly knowledge and intelligence. Banish ignorance and get out there!

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