Sunday, October 14, 2012

It has certainly been awhile

After being away from blogging for about two years, I've realized I have way too much to say to not write it down and publish to the World Wide Web. Okay, I'm lying. The real reason I'm starting this thing up again is because I need to tune my writing skills. I've become a victim to shorthand and lolz and but really prolly tho and iPhone autocorrect Tom foolery (there it goes, capitalizing Tom for no good god damn reason). Having the technology to blog anywhere is such an appeal and I can't resist downloading one more stupid app, because who can? Anyways, I'm doing this for myself, as I'm sure every blogger self consciously mutters, but feedback is cool, too, umm like that is if you want to, yeah. Totally. The other posts on here are mainly from my high school depression, and other random yet still somehow relevant thoughts I've had. Enjoy.

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