Saturday, December 12, 2009

we've got everything.

since my power's out, I've decided to write up a blog since I never do that. you know the places you go & the people you meet, its all so sudden. they come and go, even those who you think there's no other option than forever. but no, its just you being naive. the world keeps on spinning so that means you keep on moving even when you think you're standing completely still. everyone moves with you, maybe not in the same direction. those that are going in your direction, they walk next to you for a while until they have to turn at the next street. sometimes that person is going in the same direction as you for so long, you think they have the same destination as you. but no, eventually they leave. they too have places to go and people to meet. everyone's got a different destination. in fact, the longer you're in one place with someone the clearer this becomes. after you realize you're both headed different directions the differences between the both of you become more and more distinct. maybe its best to think this way about everyone you meet. but nobody wants to be alone. meet the people along the way but I guess we can't let these differences get in the way of enjoying the time, the small time we have with these people we meet along the way of where we're goin, where ever that may be.

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