Saturday, December 12, 2009

to boys, with love.

i'm tired

of every one waiting, to catch me at the right time, but it won't ever be, not for a long time, not you, or you, or you, i'm tired of the people who think they're good enough, cause they're not but of course i'm not straightforward.. enough to get that point across, cause i'm not a jerk, i am a nice girl, but the things i think do say sometimes reflect this simple fact about me and not what i am actually like, i'm no goddess but i know what i want and what i like, but hey maybe i don't really, but i know what i don't want and what i don't like, and i'll be damned if i'm a perfectionist but sometimes it's best, if you don't stop until you have the best, i won't settle for less but i'm afraid i might on accident, but i just have to be strong enough.i can, i will, no one can make me do anything i don't want to do cause i'm in control, and i'm not stupid, but if you think i am for one second youre to blame, youre at fault if you think you can catch me at the right moment for you and the wrong moment for me- when youre feeling sorry for yourself if i crush you,

its not me, its you.

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