Saturday, December 12, 2009

go for it.

some inspiration

if you want it, then get it. dont sit there and think real hard about whats stopping you. dont set yourself up for failure; set yourself up for happiness. go for what you want and not what you think you want. be confident. it doesn't hurt to be proud of things you have accomplished. there's nothing wrong with loving yourself. if you do what makes you happy then what more could you want ? the answer to that is whatever will take you a step further to make you the best you can be. yeah, nobody really knows what their worst and best is, cause it hasn't happened yet. there will always be better and worse days. no matter what you can not prevent that, but your attitude will decide which side your gonna hit next. you have to tell yourself that nothing is ever good enough so that you will keep trying for better. everyone deserves the best of times, no matter how screwed up your life is or how many people youve wronged, everyone deserves a chance to be happy. but you know what ? no one can give you happiness except for yourself. you have to want it. sometimes its gonna take alot of work. you might feel helpless. but you gotta stay strong. yeah, it helps to have people there for you. but obviously you are the only person who will really be there for YOURSELF always and forever so its up to you. dont depend on others because once theyre gone you will fall on your face. you have to be a little selfish to get what you want, because in the end you are the person you will have to put up with for the rest of your life. im not saying to forget about everyone else. but the key is your priorities. what do you want ? is it worth it ? will it make you happy ? then go for it and dont look back.

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