Saturday, December 12, 2009

meet me in outer space

i love

mornings where you wake up & you have trouble remembering what happened before you went to sleep, but then it hits you like running into a stopsign. The surrealism fills you & you get that tingly feeling all over, like woah that happened? but you continue on with the day. thinking about how grateful you are for the things you have and the things you experience. sometimes you just have to look around and see things for what they are. sometimes i wish people would look around more often period. whats your periferal vision for? its the things you see, "out of the corner of your eye", that are always most interesting. there is a misconception that tunnel vision will keep you moving forward cause all you can see is whats ahead of you. if we cant look around at what a mess we make then we might as well be completely blind cause you cant learn anything if you dont see mistakes. you need your full range of vision, physically & mentally.

but nobody asked me anyways.

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