Monday, December 14, 2009

Good to sea you (go)

Motivation is somewhere in me but I don't care enough to set it free
It tosses & turns, makes me seasick but I just let it be
I was never a great swimmer but I'd rather jump off deck
Restless thought & lethargic waves makes us ship wrecked

I feel kind of like I'm standing in a running shower with an umbrella. I need the shower, the cleanliness (or do I?) but my umbrella protects me from the wetness; I'm so annoyed with the thought of being wet that I don't want to shower. I guess that means I've been getting stinkier & stinkier. But I don't mind, it keeps the people away.
It's just a phase. It'll pass, and i'll be back to normal. I'll like human interaction again & the sun will keep on rising just as always.
But for now I like the dark just fine.

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